About us

Fjeldstad and Partners improves management and organizational cultures, creating better results and business outcomes. We use practical, empirically and scientifically backed methods to inspire productivity in both managers and employees.

We assist our customers in these areas:

  •    Creation of an effective corporate culture
  •    Leadership development
  •    Restructuring support
  •    Sales organization and strategy
  •    Sales training and development

Clients appreciate our clear, no-nonsense approach to personal and corporate development. We start with an initial study of the teams, departments, company, and even the companies and business partners you work with.

Once that is done, we study the data for patterns of strength and weakness. That lets us build custom solutions for our clients. Then, we help them implement the changes.

From our methods, our clients clearly understand the approaches we use and freely adapt the principles we teach for their own organizations.

Because they see such marked improvement from our efforts, our clients ecstatically provide public recommendations and references for our firm.

That’s our goal.