Sven Iver Steen  Managing Partner

Sven Iver Steen
Managing Partner


Case - Arntzen de Besche

"Amund Fjeldstad instantly gained our trust,
understood our needs, and gave our employees confidence in the sales process."


To improve our sales processes, we contacted several consultancies to get help in a creating a sales development project.


Our dialogue with Amund Fjeldstad and his colleagues was different from the first contact from the other consultancies. Amund did not immediately accept our description of our expressed needs, but invited us into a dialogue to discuss what we really wanted. In the process, Amund demonstrated his great knowledge in sales development based on his long experience with B2B service sales and as an adviser. We hired Fjeldstad & Associates to assist with our project.


Our partnership has resulted in an analysis of the sales work we currently do, with a particular focus on how our customers actually experience our sales process. This provided the basis for an exciting project with great commitment internally. Amund earned a lot of trust with our employees, and we can therefore gladly recommend Fjeldstad & Partners.


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