Some of our customers:


Fride Hærem - Norconsult.png


"Fjeldstad & Partners has the ability to make the seemingly complicated simple and concrete. Abstract concepts like “change management,” “role awareness,” etc. are transformed into concrete attitudes, tools, and behaviors that our leaders understand and can enact in everyday life.

For Norconsult, the leadership training with Fjeldstad & Partners has contributed to creating leaders that are more aware and has made them better at «bringing people along»."

- Fride Andrea Hærem, EVP Staff

Marit Finnanger - Hurtigruten.png


"Fjeldstad & Partners assisted Hurtigruten in creating new company values that all employees could gather around. With great engagement, Fjeldstad & Partners facilitated the process of finding the drivers that will help us to reach the vision of Hurtigruten's new strategy.

 “They understood very well Hurtigruten's mindset and business goals, which were the key to the success of the project.”

- Marit Finnanger, Executive Vice President, Personnel and Organization Development

Harald Sørbo - NHO.png


"We needed help to better show how we deliver value to our members. Fjeldstad & Partners was able to understand our corporate culture and challenged our ways of thinking about our own role in meeting existing and potential members of NHO."

- Harald Sørbo, Commercial Director, Sales and Market

Sven Iver Steen - Adebe.png



"Amund Fjeldstad instantly gained our trust, understood our needs, and gave our employees confidence in the sales process."

- Sven Iver Steen, Managing Partner

Marc Swartjes - Gartner.png


"Amund is simply brilliant in planting mental seeds that develop to new creative & different thinking on issues you got stuck at."

- Marc Swartjes, Managing Vice President

Lasse Olsen - Sparebank 1 bv.png


"As a leader for a lot of people, both in customer positions and support functions, in my experience it’s important to understand each other's behavior. Fjeldstad & Partners' ability to understand our starting point and desire for a new direction resulted in a tailor-made training program for our company. "

- Lasse Olsen, Director of Retail Markets