Leadership development

Excellent leaders rally and motivate their employees, spurring them on to results which could not have been individually accomplished. Those leaders are not born, they are developed, but many leaders struggle to learn the skills necessary to become great.

How do effective leaders learn the necessary soft skills to excel when the people who need to teach them are busy attending to their own duties?

The best companies use outside firms, firms like Fjeldstad & Partners who specialize in instilling these skills, to teach and nurture their newest leaders.

We develop leaders and give them the foundations of success.

Before making any recommendations, we thoroughly evaluate the organization’s current leadership based on these themes:

  1. Communication and influence
  2. Sales and relations
  3. Opportunity thinking
  4. Practical management
  5. Change management and communication
  6. New in leadership

Once leaders have been evaluated, we then create a tailored leadership improvement plan for your business. This plan is specifically designed to strengthen required qualities and further enhance already developed skill sets.

Our teaching methods accelerate the leader development process by instilling skills which normally take years to learn.