Sales development and analysis

Do you know the exact reasons why your customers choose you? It’s not product. It’s not price. It’s people.

Better customer relationships are the key to strong sales. How do your customers make their business decisions?

We were curious about that, too. We conducted over 300 Win/Loss surveys and interviews with decision makers to determine the reasons why deals were accepted and rejected. From that research, Fjeldstad & Partners created a core sales training program designed to help sales executives get more wins than losses.

The key is relationship. Creating a good relationship with clients is not just about making them feel good. It is about making them feel understood. When you can make your client feel like you truly understand them, you’ll be amazed at what they will agree to in a contract.

But you can’t just guess what drives your clients’ decisions. That is why Fjeldstad & Partners reaches out to your past clients to find out why they lost or got a sale. Once when we have the full picture, we work with you to design the sales development program that is tailored to your team’s needs.

This program specifically bolsters any weak spots within your organization and also tailors it to how your clients truly wish to be approached. The result is more sales and larger deals.

We support major Norwegian and international customers in the development of their sales culture, sales training, and sales management. We also perform Win/Loss surveys on your behalf to enhance your sales programs and analysis. Read more about what some of our past clients say: